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AI Imagines Pink Floyd Covers

I asked the AI ​​to recreate Pink Floyd albums. But since my AI is lazy like me, it only redid the covers.

4 min readApr 7, 2023


During the last few weeks I haven’t had much time to experiment: I’ve participated in some competitions recruitment for a new job. Now I just have to wait for the result. I can then complete some experiments with Artificial Intelligence.

AI-generated music videos have a certain appeal. In some cases they are particularly successful, such as Lost by Linkin Park. In other cases, less. But they still require human intervention. The case of album covers is different. By now, automatic image generation algorithms are advanced enough to replace human artists. In some cases with excellent results. In other cases, no.

In this experiment I tried to generate Pink Floyd album covers. I know I’m going to touch some of the sacred monsters of rock music. But I’m interested in seeing the result generated by the AI.

Obviously no artificial intelligence is able to match the elegance (and genius) of the cover of “The dark side of the moon”. But I find the alien interpretation of “Atom heart mother” very fascinating. The simplicity of “More” is also a nice surprise. And I found the reworking of “Meddle” very enjoyable.

I’m not sure how to interpret how the AI interpreted “Obscured by Clouds”. I find the cover very beautiful, but also quite different from the original one.

“Wish You Were Here” keeps the same idea, using dark silhouettes and colors instead of the man on fire. But I think the original cover is way better.

I was amazed how the AI kept the idea of the lettering in “The Wall” (although I had to hand correct the image to highlight the red). Instead, the algorithm decided to radically change “A momentary lapse of reason”.

What conclusions can we draw from this experiment? Well, certainly the technology is mature enough to create beautiful music album covers. But it is not yet able to make up for the flashes of human inventiveness.

The Piper at the Gates of Dawn — 1967




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