AI Photography Guide: Mastering Color Filters — Volume 6

7 min readFeb 19, 2024


Continuing from my previous post, I’d like to add another twenty example images showcasing various color filters used in image generation with Generative AIs, such as Midjourney. To facilitate easier comparison of the effects these filters have on generated images, I’ve decided to split this post into several parts. The first part was dedicated to portraits; today, my focus shifts to architecture. Specifically, I’ll explore how color filters can significantly change the perception of a historic city center.

  1. Black and White
  2. Sepia
  3. Vibrant
  4. Duotone
  5. Muted Colors
  6. High Contrast
  7. Retro
  8. Cinematic
  9. Matte
  10. Lomo
  11. Grain or Film Grain
  12. Cyanotype
  13. Infrared
  14. Pinhole
  15. HDR (High Dynamic Range)
  16. Cross Process
  17. Soft Focus
  18. Vintage
  19. Tilt-Shift


Prompt: a city street in milan, italy stock photo, in the style of uhd image, contrasting, modern urban, nikon d850 — ar 3:2 — v 6.0

Black and White

This timeless filter lends a classic and sophisticated touch to images. Ideal for highlighting drama, emotion, or nostalgia, it emphasizes textures, shapes, and compositions by removing color distractions.

Prompt: black and white, photo, a city street in milan, modern urban, nikon d850


Imbuing images with a warm, brownish tint, the sepia filter gives them an antique or historical feel. It’s perfect for evoking a sense of age…




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