AI Photography Guide: Mastering Light Effect — Volume 7

6 min readFeb 21, 2024


In this seventh installment of our guide on harnessing AI to create captivating images, we delve into the nuanced use of lighting to elevate both landscapes and portraits. This chapter is concise yet packed with insightful techniques that add depth and intrigue to your photographic compositions.

Here are the light effects we’ll explore

  1. Reflection
  2. Refraction
  3. Lens Flare
  4. Bokeh
  5. Shadow Play
  6. Silhouetting
  7. Diffused Light
  8. High Key Lighting
  9. Low Key Loghting
  10. Color Gels

Each of these techniques can dramatically transform your photographic compositions, making them more dynamic and emotionally resonant.

Story’s image prompt: a shiny crystal ball on a table, in the style of illusionary architectural elements, neo-impressionist, golden light, swirling colors, zeiss batis 18mm f/2.8, award-winning, planar expressionism


This effect captures light bouncing off surfaces, creating mirror-like or subtle reflective qualities in your image. It’s particularly…




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