How to test SvelteKit app with Jest

5 min readOct 9, 2021

One of my weaknesses is the lack of discipline when it comes to testing. So I started looking around and figuring out how to do it. There are many frameworks, and frankly I am too ignorant on the subject to decide which one to use. As a result I went absolutely random and decided to use Jest. I decided to use Jest with SvelteKit. These are my notes.

Create a new project

Unlike the last posts, today I start with a completely new project. I don’t want to deal with old code while learning something new. I create a new SvelteKit based project using the command:

npm init svelte@next

I use these settings:

Which Svelte app template? » Skeleton project
Use TypeScript? » Yes
Add ESLint for code linting? » Yes
Add Prettier for code formatting? » Yes

Then I install the dependencies:

npm install

I check that everything is successful by launching:

npm run dev -- --open

Good. So far the easy part. Now the fun begins.

Install Jest

As always, I searched the internet. There are many interesting posts

I have used many of the tips in these guides to understand how to make my project work.

As recommended in a simple and effective way by Dave Ceddia I need some packages:

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