Some notes about the future and how to use Svelte with Construct 3

3 min readSep 12, 2021

Last month, August, was quite busy. A few things overlapped, some negative (my wife’s grandmother died), others positive: after more than a year I was able to see my parents. And, finally, my wife and I managed to move home, returning to Milan. In addition to the convenience of the City, we will both have more space: we will no longer have to cast lots for who is going to use the mini table :D.

It’s September. And for me it’s like New Year: it’s time for good intentions and to think about what to do. For the past year, I have focused on experimenting. My Construct Demo repository has 45 projects, some successful, some not. My goal was to experiment, follow ideas and publish frequently and regularly. I am satisfied: I have grown and improved. For the new year I want to do something different.

I want to focus on something bigger. Instead of publishing something small every week, I want to build something complete and useful. Among my templates there are some projects that I think are interesting:

I also have the idea of returning to my One Color Idle Game, extending the template to make it a real game.

Finally I want (and must) complete the repository restyling. At the end of July I started to modify it, but everything has stopped.

As if that weren’t enough, I need to work on a completely offline system to manage issues and suggestions. I think I have to dedicate some time to this matter as well.

In short, there are a few issues to address. And, consequently, the posts I write and the things I talk about will also change.

Svelte e Construct 3

But before starting to work on future things I want to bring back my notes on how to integrate a component of Svelte with Construct 3.




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