SvelteKit: routing from other folders

3 min readJul 26, 2021
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I am continuing to explore Svelte, SvelteKit and GitHub Pages. It’s pretty easy to create a blog and use mdsvex to process markdown files. But I think that the imposed folder structure is limiting.

In SvelteKit the blog pages must be in a blog folder (or post, or any other name). The post url will look something like:

Instead I prefer a simpler url:

Partly because I write a few posts, partly for personal taste. I know that it is not a widespread practice but mine sine qua non condition to switch from Jekyll to Svelte is the possibility of use the same url structure.

There is another important condition: I want to keep post images in the same folder with the .md file. I prefer to keep everything together, it makes my life easier when I write.

I had to search a bit, but combining various pieces and trying and trying again I managed to get something working.

Before starting a few links:

The trick is to “map” all blog posts and keep them as “modules”. Then I use Vite to dynamically import the modules into the blog. To test I don’t create a new repository. I continue modifying the MEMENTO SvelteKit & GitHub Pages: I add a src/news folder in which to insert the various posts.

I use a structure similar to the one I will need in my blog. So the posts will be divided by year but not by month. Each post will stay in a folder whose first few characters represent the publication date. Inside the folder I will put the images I will need and an file with the post. I think in the future I will have to add the ability to use markdown files with other names. That's enough for the moment.

Every post will be in a path similar to:

root: /src/news/2021/2021-07-26-sveltekit-routing-from-other-folders/




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