AI Photography Guide: Mastering Color Palettes — Volume 4

4 min readFeb 12, 2024


This week, I’ve continued delving into the art of photography through Midjourney, focusing particularly on leveraging the principles of photography to create high-quality images. This series aims to demonstrate that blending theoretical knowledge with practical experimentation can yield intriguing and aesthetically pleasing outcomes.

In past episodes, we’ve explored scene composition and lens angles. Today’s episode ventured into the realm of color manipulation, using architectural elements as the primary subjects in these ‘photographs’.

The prompt was

photo of a minimal architecture, duotone [colors]

Some of these combinations were inspired by insights from the Cognitive Pulse thread. Below are the images I crafted, alongside their respective color pairings:

  • Teal and Orange: A classic, cinematic contrast
  • Mint and Coral: Soft yet vibrant, evoking a serene, beach-like atmosphere
  • Bold Red and Black: A striking, powerful combination that commands attention
  • Yellow and Velvet: An unusual pairing, offering a unique visual experience
  • Purple and Green: A harmonious blend, reminiscent of natural flora
  • Old Pink and Mint: A vintage, nostalgic feel with a modern twist
  • Dark Olive and Blue: Earthy and calming, yet sophisticated
  • Lavender and Mint: Soft, pastel hues for a gentle, soothing effect
  • Warm Red and Deep Blue: A passionate and intense duo, full of depth
  • Cold Blue and Greys: A cool, minimalist palette, evoking a sense of tranquility
  • Blue and Orange: A vibrant, eye-catching contrast, full of energy

Teal and Orange

Mint and Coral




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